New Product Launch: WZ Motor Series

January 18th, 2024

Impro Fluidtek has broadened its range of heavy-duty motors by introducing the WZ series. Featuring a three zone commutator valve, the WZ series comes with standard case and internal drain, thereby enhancing the longevity of the shaft seal. In addition, the product incorporates dual tapered roller bearings, which improve load carrying capabilities. Specifically engineered for agricultural equipment, skid steer attachments, forestry equipment, construction equipment, and other applications demanding higher torque in challenging environments. The WZ series is designed to get work done.

Features & Benefits
  • Industry standard mounting and shaft options allows for easier system integration.
  • Dual tapered roller bearings provide higher radial load capacity.
  • Three zone commutator valving equates to higher volumetric efficiency.
  • Standard case and internal drain extends the overall life of the shaft seal.
  • Optimized rotor geometry provides a smooth running highly efficient product.

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