New Product Launch: WT Motor Series

May 23rd, 2024

Impro Fluidtek has expanded its selection of robust motors with the introduction of the WT series, which offers an impressive power to weight ratio while maintaining excellent side load capacity and durability. This makes the WT motor series an ideal choice for demanding applications including drilling rigs, mining equipment, material handling, agricultural equipment, marine equipment, forestry equipment, construction equipment, and other applications that require higher torque in challenging environments.

Features & Benefits
  • Heavy-Duty roller bearings for extra side load capacity.
  • Best in class power to weight ratio due to compact design.
  • A variety of mounts and shafts provide flexibility in application design.
  • Heavy-Duty drive link receives full flow lubrication to provide long service life.
  • Optimized rotor geometry provides a smooth running and highly efficient product.
  • Three zone commutator valve results in exceptional volumetric efficiency.
  • Standard case and internal drain for extended shaft seal life.

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